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ThanksgivingThis is the time of the year when everyone hates dieting.  Holiday meals are the best meals of our lives so why would you have to sit back and watch everyone else eat what you love.  Thanksgiving is the closest holiday meal and arguably the best. Continue reading


Food Art



This face was made out of only vegetables.



Making this owl, the sculptor used only fruit and vegetables.



Carving out a watermelon just to eat it is not easy.  But this sculptor took it to a whole new level. He made a 3D image using the rind of the watermelon to make this white rose.



Simple but unique.  It seems like anyone could make this yet it is still creative.



This skillet contains a variety of foods that come together to make an underwater scene.


banana art

This banana was actually carved and left to sit a while.  After it was carved the air caused that part to turn brown and the artist used it to his advantage.



Watermelons must be good to craft with. This large boat is very original because it has tons of details. It has everything from the ropes to the windows.


indian head

When someone says food art, jack-o-lantern is one word that comes to mind. Someone just blew all other carved pumpkins away.


christmas tree

No, this is not a ceramic tree, it is actually made out of cake. Cakes are easy to sculpt but this one in particular is so realistic.


noodle man

This sculpture features multiple types of noodles to make a crazy face.

Top 10 Best Fast-Food Restaurants Chains

fast food

10. Wendy’s

Wendy’s, or knock off McDonalds as I like to call it, is number ten on this list because it really has nothing special.  It has some unique burgers, but it competes too much with McDonalds and loses that battle nine times out of ten.

9. Burger King

It has some great burgers but really nothing else is good.  There sesame seed buns took them to number nine but couldn’t go any lower on the list.  Burger King is a lot like McDonalds and Wendy’s but if anyone wants more than a burger, Burger King is off their list.

8. Frisch’s

Some could debate whether Frisch’s should be on this list. It is more of a sit-down restaurant than the others, but they have a drive-thru window.  The reason Frisch’s is so low is because of their breakfast and wide variety of food.  In a car fool of different types of people, they can all find something at Frisch’s

7. KFC

KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, is good because it has fast food fried chicken.  It doesn’t have the best fried chicken but it has the most convenient.  Their sides are great. The Mashed Potatoes, potato wedges, and green beans are the best.

6. Arby’s

This is a great fast-food restaurant solely based on the fact that it is different.  Their roast beef is a pleasant change to the same old burger everywhere else.

5. White Castles

This place is cheap and tastes great.  There sliders are a great twist on regular fast food burgers.  The fries and chicken rings are very unique in a good way.  It is a nice change of pace.

4. McDonalds

Lots of people would expect to see this place at one or two but it is not unique enough.  They do have great food but it is the same as countless other restaurants.  The pricing can’t get any better.

3. Subway

Some would debate if Subway was even a fast-food restaurant and they could make a strong argument, however, the food is cheap, fast, and good so it makes it on this list.  Other fast-food restaurants’ sandwiches can’t compare.

2. Chic-fil-a

In the south-east United States, there is a great restaurant named Chic-fil-a.  It has the best chicken and waffle fries of this era.  If anyone ever travels south, this restaurant will be one of their stops.

1. Taco Bell

This is the most unique, cheap, and good tasting fast-food restaurant out there.  A twelve-pack of Doritos Locos Tacos is the best party food available.

Joe Bologna’s

Joe Bologna's

The best time of the year is here! Thanksgiving and Christmas are both coming up and college basketball has just started.  In Kentucky, this is big news.  People look forward to watching the Cats every year and this is going to be a good year.  After traveling down to Lexington, going crazy at the game, and wearing yourself out, you need a boost of energy for the car ride home.  A few blocks away there is a pizzeria that collects all the fans after the game.  It’s called Joe Bologna’s.  It was originally an old church and since been converted into a legendary restaurant. Continue reading

School Lunch Food

School food is not good, but would you rather spend the time to make a packed lunch or just choke down whatever is on the daily menu?  Some pack but the majority of people like me are just to lazy.  Every once in a while there will be a kid that just loves school lunches, but that is as about as rare as a two dollar bill.  Is there a way that someone can be lazy and get a quality lunch? Continue reading